Explore & Discover a new essence in Technology

Google Code-In has given an opportunity to all the pre-university students to indulge on an exciting technology trip where you can explore and discover new open source software development. It has various tasks ranging from Documentation to Coding and reaching beyond topics like User Interface.

One day my mother sent me a forwarded message of an interesting competition for technology geeks. An opportunity to explore and learn a whole lot about new open source softwares. That was the beginning of my journey on Google Code-In. I found out about Google Code-In on the social media. I have only one regret; I found out about this competition quite late, hence I got the opportunity to enjoy it only for a bit.

Some of the area of IT where my keen interest lies is, python coding and web page designing – JavaScript. FOSSASIA offers various tasks on both these topics. Some of the tasks from FOSSASIA that I am interested in are:

  • Website: Let’s build the FOSSASIA Google Code-In website together and add a feature. Link to the project: Click here

  • Labyrinth: Improve the Code Quality. Link to project: Click here

  • Website: Improve Code Quality of FOSSASIA Summit 2014 Jekyll page. Link to project: Click here

Theses are just a few. I feel that instead of doing tasks and projects of stuff that I already know I should step out of my comfort zone and learn about new things that I have no clue about. That is only how we will be able to learn new things, isn’t that the point of this whole competition.

Since I have just started working on Google Code-In, I haven’t had the opportunity to download many Open Source softwares, but I would like to share information about one of the software that I have worked on.

I was given the opportunity by BRL-CAD to install and run their software on my laptop. It was used to create 3D Models, and could be used for 3D printing. I got a chance to work on BRL-CAD’s two main program: “mged” and “archer”. It was a very user friendly and interesting application. It also allowed me to get a glimpse into the indulging world of graphic designing.

Saniya blog pic.jpg

Communication at Google Code-In has never been an issue. Communication channels where you can comment on the task page is available. Here the mentors are very quick and helpful to return to your issue. There are other communication channels such as; Gitter, where you can get in contact with other peers from over the globe.

This and there are a lot more projects that I would love to learn about. Some of the topics include: Artificial intelligence, Robotics, Data Analysis and Capsule Networks.

Most of this was possible because of the opportunity Google Code-In has given us. Every single day we are introduced to new software, new techniques and also new fundamentals of technology, alongside of being rewarded with certificates, t-shirts and hoodies, what more can a knowledge greedy student ask for. It is a great opportunity to scout and learn new things for the ones who are always thirsty for technology.

Do check out more about FOSSASIA at:



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